back and forth 예문

"back and forth" 뜻  


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  1. I was double-booked going back and forth between ORs.
    수술방 앞 뒤로 열고 왔다 갔다 수술했죠
  2. And so the druids became important advisors to the packs.
    다시 변하는지 알려줬지 how to shift back and forth.
  3. Running barefoot much-needed ammunition back and forth
    앞에서 싸우는 전우를 위해 탄약까지 양보하고...
  4. Ten trucks, 20 kilos each, going back and forth every day...
    트럭 열 대, 각각 20키로, 매일 왔다갔다 했다
  5. Just short strokes back and forth.
    세게 누르지 말고 짧게 왔다갔다 하렴

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