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  1. Until her heart stopped beating and they declared her dead.
    소녀의 심장이 멈추기 전까지 Until her heart stopped beating
  2. The words give him the pleasure the beatings used to bring.
    이전의 폭행이 가져다 주었던 쾌감을 이젠 글이 가져다 주는 모양이에요
  3. He was a boxer. - Took a lot of beatings.
    그 분도 마스크 쓰고 돌아다녔어요?
  4. It wasn't about the handcuffs or the beatings or his shaving my head.
    아버지가 수갑을 채우고 때리거나 머리를 민 것은
  5. His signature used to be the beatings, but now it's putting words in their mouths.
    이제껏 이자의 범행 수법은 폭행이었어요 그런데 이젠 입에다가 자신이 쓴 글을 집어 넣어요

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