break loose 예문

"break loose" 뜻  


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  1. They were around before all hell broke loose.
    그들은 오래 전 부터 있었어.
  2. And then all hell broke loose, you guys were getting picked off...
    그 다음 순식간에 아수라장이 되었어. 너희들은 하나 둘 쓰러지고...
  3. We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose.
    계획을 세우면, 항상 망쳤잖아,
  4. I gotta get out clean before all hell breaks loose.
    뭔 일 날까봐 갚아버렸지
  5. I was only on stage for a few seconds, and all hell broke loose.
    난 무대에 몇 초간 있었고 순식간에 모든게 아수라장이 되었어

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