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  1. Her chastity was worse than that of a virgin.
    뭔가 단단히 실망한 것처럼 그 분노는 거의 극에 달했다
  2. I have kept my vow of chastity my whole life.
    난 정결과 순결을 서원했고 그걸 평생 지켰소
  3. Ignorance is next to virginity! Poverty, chastity and ignorance!
    곤궁, 자비와 무지로 살아가는 거예요
  4. You were everything I had. I've kept my chastity for all these years.
    너 하나를 믿고 수절하여 깨끗하게 살아온 이 애민데...
  5. Every candidate for priesthood takes a vow of chastity.
    신부 후보생은 금욕을 맹세하잖아

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