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  1. Chatting up our donors, stealing my stories.
    우리 기부자들이랑 수다 떨면서 제 이야기 훔치고,
  2. Chatting up is all but over.
    내가 더 이상 말로 안 한다고 했지?
  3. We have a problem. Joel was chatting up Deb again.
    조엘이 또 뎁한테 수작을 걸고 있어
  4. He was in here earlier, chatting up Maria.
    아까 와서 마리아와 얘기하더군요
  5. He chats up a storm. He told him all about you coming to visit.
    한참 재잘거리다 가는데요

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