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  1. -Of the Southern and eastern coastal regions...
    대피 명령이 - 엄마 보고 싶어
  2. Only authorized personnel will be joining us on the coastal path.
    오직 허가를 받은 사람만 함께 해안가로 갈 수 있네
  3. You're to stick to the coastal path at all times.
    명령은 간단하네, 매인워링
  4. Listen up. Coastal Vietnam has been delivered the cure and is spreading it as we speak.
    잘 듣게, 베트남 해안지역에 치료제가 전달이 되었고
  5. Coastal radio is reporting a sudden change in the direction and force of winds in the Ferrol estuary.
    오늘 해상 풍향의 갑작스러운 변화로

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