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  1. This is Colossus... the beanstalk project.
    이건 콩나무 프로젝트인 콜로서스지
  2. Look, Colossus, I don't have time for the goody two-shoes bullshit right now!
    그런 모범적인 개소리 들어줄 시간 없어
  3. Colossus, wait up.
    같이 가, 콜로서스
  4. When I told my colleagues at the museum that you had discovered the Colossus, they were thrilled.
    네가 석상을 발굴했다니까 박물관 사람들 다 놀래
  5. Colossus: Legion of Dawn Legendary Armor Pack
    콜로서스: 리전 오브 돈 전설의 방호구 팩

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