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  1. Maybe hero the girl in the red shirt.
    빨간 셔츠를 입은 여자를 메인으로 올려봐
  2. Who was that... lesbian bitch in the red suit?
    빨간 옷을 입은 그 레즈비언은 누구냐?
  3. So now he resides in the Red Keep dungeons instead.
    그래서 지금은 레드킵의 지하감옥에 살고 있고
  4. Who is the gentleman in the red shirt over there?
    저기 붉은 셔츠 입은 분은 누구지?
  5. You were the one in the red suit.
    빨간 옷을 입은 녀석이 너로구나.

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