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  1. I got out, and I saw his bike leaning against a tree.
    밖으로 나갔어요 아빠 자전거가 나무 옆에 세워진 걸 봤어요
  2. Patrick's leaning against the wheel. He's just a real cuddler.
    패트릭은 응석받이예요 포옹을 좋아하죠
  3. He's leaning against it.
    부서진 벽이 있는데
  4. I'll be behind you, lean against me, I won't move at all. I'm strong and patient.
    당신 뒤에 있을 테니 기대요 가만히 있을게요, 참을성 있죠
  5. I like to lean against things, ponder the difficulties of dating beautiful women. I'm trying to be a surgeon here. - That took a lot of nerve, requesting Meredith.
    예쁜애들과 데이트하는 게 어렵죠 전 외과 의사예요

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