on the fence 예문

"on the fence" 뜻  


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  1. Hey, you got a problem down on the fence line.
    안녕하시오, 이웃님 철책선에 문제가 있는 것 같네요
  2. ...or I'll put every person you ever talked to on the fence.
    안 그럼 울타리에서 너와 대화한 사람들 다 가둘 거야
  3. I don't like killing them on the fence.
    철조망에 모인걸 죽이긴 싫어
  4. So, you still on the fence about Rogers' chances?
    아직도 캡틴의 능력을 의심해?
  5. First four dates I was on the fence, but I'm over it now.
    처음 네번째 데이트까진 확신이 안들었지만 이젠 다 괜찮아요

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