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  1. You, with the swollen nose... will you pollute the earth for another year?
    오늘, 내일, 아니면 다음날 당신들도 모두 죽을 것이오 무슨 말인지 내 말 알아듣겠소?
  2. You cannot pollute yourself with their food, if you ever want to come back.
    언젠가 돌아오길 바란다면
  3. Because he's a poet and he writes the most beautiful sentences in the Spanish language but he doesn't believe a poet should pollute his words by any other tongue which is...
    시인이고 쓰는 시가 가장 아름다운 스페인어라서... ...시라는 건 다른...
  4. It doesn't pollute the environment and makes no noise.
    따라서이 스쿠터는 환경 오염 되지 않습니다도 소음을 하지 외발휠 않습니다.
  5. 89:31 If My statutes they pollute, And My commands do not keep,
    89:31 내 律例를 破하며 내 誡命을 지키지 아니하면

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