polluted 예문

"polluted" 뜻  


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  1. Becker sued because he claimed the company polluted his ranch's groundwater.
    Becker는 회사때문에 목장 지하수가 오염됬다고 주장했지
  2. The trust those children placed in you... our trust... has been polluted.
    아이들이 당신에게 준 신뢰... 우리의 신뢰가 모독당했소
  3. It's quite polluted with feces.
    똥 가루에 많이 오염됐어요
  4. I understand now how you see me... dangerous man... dying, polluted by his money.
    지금 네가 나를 어떻게 보고 있는지 이해한다... 위험한 사람이고... 죽어가는 사람이고
  5. But because of the polluted atmosphere above, most of them have lost their senses...
    하지만, 지상의 더럽혀진 대기 때문에

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