the abyss 예문

"the abyss" 뜻  


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  1. Humanity teetered on the edge of the abyss.
    맞이한 순간까지. 인류는 벼랑끝으로 내몰렸고.
  2. Now, look, Mitch, let's be honest. We're staring into the abyss here.
    미치, 솔직히 말할게 지금 대위기야
  3. I give her gold to keep it in the abyss she calls a mouth.
    나는 그녀가 입이라고 부르는 것을 구렁에 박아놓기 위해 그녀에게 금을 주네
  4. Hoping there was some light at the bottom of the abyss. The idea that one of the lava tubes could be connected to a tectonic cave is brilliant. We're deploying the dome.
    심연 밑바닥에 한줄기의 빛이 있으리라고 믿으면서 말이다..
  5. And that's why you need me, because I am willing to stare into the abyss beyond conventional morality and do what needs to be done to even that fucking table back up.
    그게 자네가 날 필요로 하는 이유야 난 전통적 도덕관을 넘어서 심연을 볼 의지가 있고 망할 테이블이 어떻든 간에

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