the unit 예문

"the unit" 뜻  


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  1. The unit was raided, couldn't even find an envelope.
    경찰서 개판 돼 가지고 봉투 하나도 없더라 씨발
  2. I oversee the team, and Jared oversees the unit.
    내가 팀을 감독하고 자레드가 조를 담당하죠
  3. No, it looks more like the units downstairs were cut off.
    아냐, 아래층 장치가 꺼져 버린 것 같아
  4. Begged me to send the unit back in.
    오히려 인원을 더 투입해달라고 그랬죠
  5. The unit watching joe's daughter, they've been attacked.
    아이리스를 지키던 경찰이 공격을 당했어.

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