uppity 예문

"uppity" 뜻  


  1. And maybe she's an uppity, "better than everyone" superskank.
    콧대는 높아서 "다른 인간들보다 내가 잘났다" 싶은거지
  2. This uppity punk in the bar. I swung at him and jammed my hand.
    너네 가게에 껄렁거리는 애송이가 있어서 확 쳤더니,카운터에 여길 부딪혔어.
  3. There's not enough. That's what you get for acting uppity.
    우리거 밖에 없어
  4. I don't know. She seems uppity.
    몰라요 좀 거만해보여서
  5. It's probably just a coincidence, but in the 1950s and '60s, the Negroes of the United States, after 400 years of oppression, got all uppity and started demanding their civil rights.
    그저 우연일지 모르지만 50-60년대에 400년의 탄압이 있은 후에, 흑인들은 거만해졌고

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