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  1. At his new 201-pound weight class, Cam F. Awesome, he looks awesome.
    91kg급에 출전한 캠 F. 어썸은 좋아 보이지만
  2. We were the ones who bumped him up two weight classes?
    우리가 2체급 위에서 뛰라고 했어요?
  3. All right. What's your weight class gonna be?
    어떤 체급에서 뛸 건가요?
  4. What weight class are you in?
    어떤 체급이죠? - 헤비급이요
  5. Now there are 17 weight classes, each with an upwards of four different champions.
    이젠 체급이 17개로 늘고 체급마다 챔피언이 네 명씩 생기죠

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